O’Neil Digital Solutions Introduces Omni-channel Document Delivery

Los Angeles, California - O’Neil Digital Solutions is revolutionizing the way businesses can send documents to their customers through the newly created Omni-channel Document Delivery system. Within their ePresentment platform, OneConnect™, all communication touchpoints are available to customers, allowing them to receive notifications through numerous channels when new documents are available.

The Omni-channel Document Delivery allows users to receive documents by any way they choose to, through a smartphone app, through the web, by email or by print. As technology continues to become more personalized each year, allowing end users the option to customize their preferred methods of contact can strengthen customer relationships and improve user experience in the delivery of important documents.

“Our Omni-channel platform greatly improves the customer experience, while saving our clients millions of dollars in print and mail costs.  That’s a win-win for our clients and their customers,” shares Mark Rosson, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for O’Neil.

The documents sent through Omni-channel Document Delivery are often confidential and time-sensitive for customers. To ensure the best experience, O’Neil allows those customers to receive notifications about newly available documents no matter where they are, all in real time, using email, text messages and smartphone push notifications. Examples of these documents include billing statements, ID cards, contracts, compliance information, welcome kits, personalized letters and confirms. Customers can even sync with cloud-based applications such as iCloud and Box.

Although the new Omni-channel Document Delivery can be utilized in any industry, it’s especially effective in areas with a large amount of confidential data, such as healthcare and financial services. Customers, clients and patients are able to download and store any documents sent to them and even opt to have physical documents sent to their address of record.

In an age where real time data and technology are vital elements for success, the Omni-channel Document Delivery from O’Neil Digital Solutions does an excellent job in assisting businesses and organizations to be more efficient and to better serve their customers.

For more information about Omni-channel Document Delivery, contact O’Neil at http://www.oneildata.com/contact-us/.

About O’Neil

O’Neil Digital Solutions LLC is based in Los Angeles, California and provides print and mail services to customers throughout the country. The company was founded in 1973 by William J. O’Neil to produce time-sensitive investment research publications from his extensive database of publicly traded companies.

Since that time, O’Neil has grown into a national provider of data-driven publishing and marketing communication services for major U.S. organizations. The Monroe location was established in 2015 to better serve the company’s East Coast customers.