O’Neil Creates Omni-channel Member Communication Strategy for Major Healthcare Company

November 15, 2017

The Background 

O’Neil Digital Solutions was contacted by a prominent managed healthcare organization who wanted to optimize their member experience and increase member adoption to online access and eDelivery of compliance related and marketing communication documents.

The Challenge

The company’s number one priority was to improve the member experience by delivering information in the member’s preferred channel, and reduce print and mail costs by increasing adoption of digital member communications.  However, their goal of achieving at least an 18% adoption to eDelivery was hindered because they did not capture member preferences during the enrollment process.  At the time the company contacted O’Neil, less than 2% of their customer base was utilizing electronic communications. Furthermore, the company did not maintain email addresses or cell phone numbers of their members that would be helpful for member outreach.

The challenge was to find a solution that would allow their membership to easily opt-in to electronic communications at the product level.  The company wanted to allow members to select paper for certain products (i.e. ID Cards, Welcome Kits), and opt-in to electronic delivery for other products (i.e. EOBs, compliance letters).

The company knew they needed to find a solution provider with a proven track record for digital conversion, a deep understanding of healthcare communication rules and regulations, and expertise in all forms of member communication output and delivery channels.

After an extensive search and RFP process the managed healthcare company selected O’Neil Digital Solutions to work with them to create a system that collected the needed member data and provide members the flexibility to receive communications in the media they desire.

The Solution


O’Neil deployed their ONEconnect solution to create an opt in/opt out process for the company, allowing them to capture email addresses and phone numbers and match them to current customer records.

Through ONEconnect, the company was able to successfully capture member preferences for document delivery and access. Members were given the ability to opt-in to electronic communications down to the product level, creating unique, customized experiences to satisfy customers individual needs. Members could, for example, select a printed ID card to be delivered to their home but then choose an electronic version of their Explanation of Benefits (EOB) documents.

ONEconnect eCommunication workflow allowed for a vastly improved member experience. According to a recent study from Digital Trends, 73% of customers surveyed said they prefer do business with companies who use personal information to make their experience more relevant and the vast majority of consumers (88%) think that companies should give them the flexibility to control how their personal information is being used to personalize their experience. Based on this information, the medical company understood that personalized service would created a higher retention rate for their membership.

The Results

By using the ONEconnect system, the managed healthcare company is now able to provide all their communication to the member in any medium the member selects. In addition, the company is now utilizing O’Neil’s program to meet regulatory requirements for the delivery of paper communications.  The company relies on O’Neil to produce and mail these required documents on their behalf.

This blended omni-channel strategy has increased member retention by providing a better experience for the members. Through this program, O’Neil Digital Solutions was able to increase adoption by company’s members to digital communication from 2% of members to 18%, saving more than $2 million in printing and postage fees.

With the success of the adoption rate, the company is now working with O’Neil Digital Solutions towards a new goal: 50% member adoption to digital delivery.

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