Our online directory creation and ordering portal

ONEdirectory is a browser-based system that requires no software investment on your end, but allows you to customize or personalize any type of directory, such as a healthcare provider and pharmacy directory.

ONEdirectory also reduces your print budget. You will have the power at your fingertips to build customized and personalized directories, thus reducing page counts, which will streamline directory production costs. The eDelivery feature will electronically direct a directory PDF to your end-user via email, web, or other electronic means.

You will reduce your publishing budget considerably with ONEdirectory. You maintain control of the data, page design, customization, proofing and editing process.


ONEdirectory features include:

  • Simple to use web interface
  • You control every aspect of directory page composition
  • Customize covers, introduction pages, and table of contents
  • Linked to our Print-on-Demand and offset print systems
  • No software or hardware investment