For the past 10 years, O’Neil has been helping clients drive the adoption of online communications. Our ePresentment platform, called ONEconnect™, optimizes audience experience through electronic document access, offering members and customers a delivery channel of their choice, including single sign-on from our client’s website, eMail document notification, text message (SMS, MMS), iPDF, custom Web Portals, Smart Phone App integration, and even augmented reality.

Client’s have trusted O’Neil to electronically present or deliver their critical compliance and marketing communications documents that either replaces or augments paper, including billing statements, EOBs, compliance letters, ID cards, welcome kits, contracts, personalized direct mail and other data-driven documents.

ONEconnect is part of our ONEsuite solution, providing an array of services that empower you to create and deliver effective marketing, sales and critical business documents, in all media formats. ONEconnect helps our clients drastically reduce print costs, and provides a higher level of customer service and audience satisfaction.

ONEconnect also integrates with our ONEclick solution, a self-service portal for online document archiving and retrieval by either a call center agent or the member or customer. Call center response times are drastically reduced since members and customers will have access to an online archive of documents and are less likely to contact customer service with questions or queries. Online access enables customers to print and save documents locally, reducing the need to request a reprint of a document.

A key component of our ePresentment solution is our ability to manage customer preferences by product (including opt-in/opt-out logic), and the delivery of documents across multiple channels (paper email, smart phone, web, etc). Business logic is also in place to direct an alternate delivery channel if the primary delivery fails. For example, business rule logic will enable a trigger to send a printed document when there is an undeliverable email notification.

For more information about ONEconnect, please contact us at 1-866-659-0824, or email us at