Our web-based document proofing module

ONEqv offers efficiencies to the user and assures quality control, by providing complete visibility into the document production process.

O’Neil’s ONEqv solution provides clients with the ability to manage their document production and proofing process via a customized, online portal. A dashboard provides the status of each document and data file, and allows our clients to edit, approve, and track print and fulfillment production throughout the workflow.

ONEqv is part of our ONEsuite solution, providing a self-service tool to manage all aspects of your document production.

Proof Review
Clients have the ability to review every record in every file. Proofs reflect the actual composed document that will mail.  This allows client to review all records, or a subset determined by their own criteria, prior to final approving a file to mail.

Record and file Level Suppression
Clients can locate a bad record or file, either by searching or during the review process, and suppress it prior to moving to production. This allows files to move expeditiously to production following approval without being held up due to a few bad/incorrect records.  Records can also be tagged with a suppression reason code to assist IT with expediting the retrigger process.

SLA Monitoring
Clients have the ability to track the entire workflow of a file through to mail. ONEqv tracks import time, proof availability time, file approval time and mail date. Monitoring key compliance timelines is made easy via the dashboard for clients to easily monitor at risk files.

Audit Reporting
Audit reporting provides the necessary history to identify which user or users approved or suppressed records from the originating file. ONEqv is the perfect solution to track service levels and document quality.